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[IP] Russian diabetic Kids and Kids in third world countries

I am pretty new to the internet and I went exploring during the rain in
Houston yesterday.  I went to Melissa's page and on to "Lana's Story" about
life in Russia with a diabetic child.... It really moved me as a parent of
a diabetic child who has every advantage.  I guess it really didn't occur
to me that so many do not have the opportunities that we have.  there are
kids who rarely if ever have a means to test their blood glucose and kids
that need to worry about where their next bottle of insulin is coming from.

An endo from Indiana brings over about 13 teen age diabetics from Russia to
camp and vacation in the summer and sends them home with 6 months of
supplies.  most of these kids come from Moscow or St. Petersburg and are
the children of the "upper or middle class"  with parents that are doctors,
engineer, dentists... but on their first trip to the US their A1c's AVERAGE
18%!  Apparently, the horrible economy has a severe impact on these
families who were once accustomed, I guess, for the gov't to supply basic
medical needs.... I cannot imagine!  And I cannot forget how blessed we
are.  I'm worried about getting Lauren's A1c below 7 and about when the
continuous BG meter is coming out and they are worried about staying ALIVE!
 They don't even get to the point of worrying about feeling well or about

I also learned of an organization in Australia that is able to get a $28
bottle of insulin for $1 and sends the insulin to all of the places that
need it.  In other words, $12-15 can keep one diabetic child alive for one
year!  The organization has saved over 30,000 lives, but there are so many
more!  And the rate of diagnosis of diabetic (and very young diabetic
children) is apparently increasing at an alarming rate!

Sure each of us who have been touched by Type 1 suffer and have a
disporportionate amount of challenges.  But I would urge everyone to
consider those who are WAY LESS FORTUNATE.  I don't think that I can let
myself ever forget.

This is my first exposure to this kind of information.  I would love
comments and/or opinions about what the best thing to do is.  My husband's
company does business in Russia and he has a number of contacts in the
Eastern Block Countries.  What would you guys do?  Also, anyone who wishes
to join me on this venture is MORE THAN WELCOME!

Diane Massey

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