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Re: [IP] Another new endo, another frustration (long)


Yuck!  I sometimes wonder how we survive the doctors.

If you are feeling courageous, try working through Pumping Insulin and educating the 3rd endo.  (Just make sure you go in and clearly teach her -- wait a while before admitting you don't know what you are doing.  I did this with one primary care physician at Kaiser and bought her a copy of Pumping Insulin.  Surprisingly enough it worked though I still lacked some of the support I was hoping for).  I've had a pump for 17 years and have been having this problem too which is compounded by the California Insurance industry which so severely restricts who you can see, the fact that the local doctors are leaving the HMOs out of frustration making fewer and fewer available, and the fact that the state higher ed system does absolutely everything it can do to avoid paying for medical insurance for faculty members.   I found the hardest thing about trying to work through Pumping Insulin alone is the lack of someone to be accountable too and who can objectively discuss the data with you.  That and the sense that if you are successful no one notices and when you fail you are a non compliant idiot.

Lately, my husband has been helping me with fine tuning and we are getting more and more aggressive about it since we would like to get pregnant in the near future.  The one pump doctor in this area  who I've been unable to get to see b/c of insurance stuff but who is really good told me the other day that if I was referred to a high risk pregnancy program they and he would get to help me with pump stuff.  In other words, as long as I am pregnant or working on being pregnant I will get some help.  Otherwise, basically, forget it.  So, I've been trying to build a fail safe system for myself.

If you want some on-line back up and help, you're welcome to e-mail me privately!  Maybe it will be easier to manage if you have a little support.

Good luck,

Janine Shea wrote:


So I went to see my 3rd new endo in a year today.

Endo #1 didn't believe in pumps and wanted to put me on MDI (after 13 very
happy years on the pump) because he thought pumps were too much work and
too expensive.

Endo #2 likes pumps but with only one basal rate because more than one
basal rate is just a "marketing scheme" by pump companies.  I tried it, had
horrific blood sugars, failed at changing his mind despite the results.

So I had high hopes for endo #3, because I really need some help soon or I
am afraid I will say the heck with it and go back to lovely denial world.
But she has no experience with the pump.  She is very willing to let me
educate her about what a "bolus" is and why pumps are so darn good,
however.  I explained my need to be educated and assisted but I don't think
she got that.

And I did learn something very interesting - my GP also wants me off the
pump, considers me non-compliant for looking for a pump doctor.  And I have
diabetic retinopathy.  No one has told me this but apparently my doctors
have known this since last December.  Endo #3 asked what kind of treatment
was scheduled.  I love finding out about my health this way.

I can not really express how upset this all makes me.  Now I need a decent
endo AND a new GP.  Because I (and we all) deserve better than this!!!

Thanks to IP members for being there and reminding me I am not alone in
loving my pump.  Now I remember why I spent so much time in denial - it is
hard to continue to do something hard with absolutely no support.

type 1, 19 years
pump, 13.5 years so far - and until there is a cure no matter what stupid
idiots say :'P

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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