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Re: [IP] age connection


In the hopes it will make you feel a little better...perhaps the trend is due
in part to the fact they can recognize diabetes so much earlier now and that
fewer kids (and probably there were more small ones for whom this is true) die
now in undiagnosed diabetic commas.  I was diagnosed at age 11, but evidence
suggests that I probably had high blood sugars anywhere from 2 to 3 years
before that.  At that time, they only did bg tests when kids showed
significant symptoms.

Kasey Sikes wrote:

> > maybe it has something to do with the onset of
> > puberty screwing up the endocrine system which is why so many kids are
> > diagnosed at this age - or perhaps more are going to camp at this age so
> > they
> > have their first physical in a few years (like me), or they have finally
> > had
> > enough infections or viruses that the trigger is set off to start
> > destroying
> > them T-cells...hmmm good question -
> Kayla's endo has been around a long time.  He told me that when he first
> got started, the average age was 9 - 13.  For the last three years, he's
> been seeing more and more young ones (8 and under).  And for this year
> alone, the majority of his newly diagnosed are under 3.  This sucks.
> Kasey
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