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Re: [IP] I Need Your Letters ! Please! (2nd request)Sue. . .

Hi - 
I like having the pump, at first I felt a little anxiety about having this
pager like thing attached to me 24-7 but I really don't even notice it any
more.  I am still a little frustrated in that I would like to be more
aggresive with my rates,  but I have seen a predictability in my BG that I
have never seen before.  That is very nice, and is also very encourageing
because I too hope to have a successful pregnancy with my pump as a faithful
companion!  I have a friend who just had a healthy 6lb 2oz baby with A1c 's of
5.5% during her pregnancy.  She had no complications and loves her 507C
(minimed).  Although I often feel like I've forgotten something vital when I
leave in the morning (my shot) it is an adjust I'm glad to make!  Eating out
is especially conveinent!  I usually test my BG before I go into the
restaraunt and then figure my carbs and take my bolus when the food arrives. .
.no running to the bathroom any more for me!  Good luck, hope I helped a
little!       Michelle
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