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[IP] RE:I need your letters please!!!! & Infusion Set Problems


I don't know what you want the letters to say???

Regarding your problems with your infusion sets, try the
Comfort, Silohette, Tender.  These are all different names
for the same product.  This set is also a quick-disconnect
type.  The point is that there are alternative options that
you should explore.  This will enable you to find out what
works for YOU.

Good luck,

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 20:03:20 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] I need your letters please!!!!

I have had IDDM for 18 years ,and I have been using a
minimed 507C for about
two months now.  I'm hoping to get some responses via e-mail
so that I can
print them and take them along to show my endo and his team.
My e-mail
address: email @ redacted  Thanks for all of your help, I
look forward to
getting some useful advice!  
I have a problem with redness and itching around my infusion
site.  Is this
common? I change every other day, sometimes sooner (another
source of
I have also noticed burning and itching when I bolus more
than 8 units at a
time, has anyone else experienced anything like this?
I use only humalog, and have heard some of you mentioning
that you use both
vesolin and humalog, or humalog and humulin regular, How do
you mix/combine
the two is there a ratio?  Has it helped with BG and site
irritations?  Was it
hard to figure out the right combination of each?
I use the soft-set infusion site and have a lot of problems
with my cannula
coming dislodged and kinked.  Has any one else had problems
with this?  I am a
nursing student and I find that I often catch my tubing on
drawers, bed rails,
and other places with edges.  Has anyone else had aany
problems with this?
I've tried tucking the tubing into my colthing more but I
run into problems
with my cannula coming dislodged.  when I tape the tubing to
my abdomen I get
some irritation, and have trouble with the tape sticking. 
Any suggestions?
Thanks a million for your advice I look forward to reading
all of your ideas!
Thanks... Michelle
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