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Re: [IP] mmol/l

Janine wrote:
> Canada used to use mg/dl - I was taught that way when I got my first meter
> in 1982.  I still do use mg/dl since I was studiously avoiding doctors
> whenever we changed over (I think it was when we went metric?) and was
> rather surprised that there was a whole new system that had been in place
> for something like 5 years.
> I am semi-"bilingual", but have to produce another set of results for
> endo's.  I personally find mg/dl to be much more precise and easier to use,
> having tried to convert last spring and fouling up boluses repeatedly, but
> that is probably due to having used mg for so many years - and trying to do
> math in my head! (18x7.3=.....)

Wish me luck Janine: since last week, I came under the auspices of the
German healthcare system, so I have to swap from mmol/L to mg/dL. I've
received a Dex meter calibrated in mg/dL (although you can switch it
over to mmol/L), and it's all very confusing especially for me who
studied mathematics at university. The numbers from a meter tend to
conjure up an image and a character in my mind, which in turn suggests a
course of action... Some numbers are secure, some are reassuring, some
worrying, others annoying. Each has it's own picture, and its own
response. Now that all the numbers are changed, I have to learn a whole
new set of responses.

On reflection, even though some IS committee chose mmol/L as "the
standard", I think mg/dL is much better for diabetes control, simply
because it avoids use of the decimal point. A remarkably large
proportion of the population simply do not understand what a decimal
point is and how it works. So mg/dL it is...

Got my HbA1c through today. 5.7% (normal range 4.3%-6.1%), so I'm happy,
given that I don't carb count precisely but just do everything by feel
and instinct. I suppose that's what you learn after 21 years. Do others
do this? I couldn't tell you how much carb is in a meal, but put it in
front of me, and I'll tell you how much insulin I need to cover it.

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