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Re: [IP] which pump???

> Lots of people have repsonded pro-Distetronic...I just wanted to add my $4
> worth in support of the Minimed.

Hi folks. I've been off-list for the last few weeks, but I couldn't let
this one pass...

In my opinion, as a former/part-time programmer, the software on the
Minimed 507 stinks. In 8 months it's crashed on me 3 times. Each time
I've rung Minimed, spoken to a very competent and pleasant technician,
who has admitted yeah, this happens from time to time. Just reset the
pump and check your basal rates are still there. Silly things, like if a
bolus is underway as you reach the hour, and it starts its on-the-hour
checks, sometimes the system can crash... They admitted this to me. OK,
this is not life-critical equipment, like in intensive care, or a
nuclear power plant, but it's pretty close. Given that my Psion PDA has
run for 5 years without stopping, and that has a very complex operating
system, it's amazing that the pump software isn't better debugged.

If you put the pump in suspend mode during a bolus, it does the suspend
beeps, and then gives you an extra 0.1 units for good measure. Curious.

And there are design inconsistences in the software, like the up button
takes you back in time if you are perusing your bolus history, while the
up button takes you forward in time if your are checking you basal
rates... well, it confuses me. And when setting the temp basal, you set
the time first, followed by the insulin rate, but setting a
square-wave-bolus you set the insulin first, and then the time. Why the

Then the buttons don't have a quality "press" to them. Sometimes a press
just doesn't register, and sometimes it bounces and presses twice. You
always have to check by the beeps or on screen that the button have
pressed as you wanted.

OK, these are all small complaints: but for a quality product, with a
relatively simple program, you would have thought this would be an
oppurtunity for perfect software.

Can any newbie 507C users tell me if any of these winges have been
corrected on the 507C?

> A)  who needs 2 pumps when you can get a replacement one in under 24 hours
> from Minimed? I dont want to have to store the spare one, or have to wonder
> where it is, just IN CASE I might need it.  I have had lots of experience with
> syringes and viles [sic] of insulin, so in a pinch, I know I can draw up an
> injection or 4 while I wait for my replacement to arrive.  When I travel, I
> always bring syringes along...One syringe can last me 3-4 days, so a bag of 10
> will do me for a month, and they take up as much room as another pump.  AND
> when I travel - I like to go to France...and there is a Minimed in Paris...so
> there ya go!

Well, Sara sweetie, you've described very cogently why it is
inconvenient not to have the spare pump just there...

> B) backlight backlight backlight...This alone was why I upgraded...that, and
> my warranty was up on the 506.  This comes in so handy...I use it to see my
> meter readings sometimes...Now I want a meter with a backlight.

Have you seen those tiny little torches you can hang on your key-ring?
You can cover the pump and meter in one go, and not run down the
expensive pump batteries...

> D)  The squre wave is of great use to some people...those, unlike me, who
> bother to turn it on AND remember you have to hit activate TWICE or you dont
> get a bolus...personally I will just take my regular bolus, and put in a temp
> basal if I eat pizza or Ben and Jerrys.

Curiously, feature-freak though I am, I have never used the square wave.
Perhaps it's my diet. But with a long meal, I feel much more in control
if I just take another unit or two with each course or as the need
arises. With slow digesting meals, I just top up as necessary.

> F) I now own Minimed stock - have you seen their figures lately?  whoo boy - I
> wanna piece a this rock!!

How did you buy it Sara? I found the transaction costs of buying just a
small block of shares (from Europe) were horribly large. Or perhaps you
were buying a large amount... :) Seriously though, given that Minimed is
at present mainly a one-product company, I wouldn't like to be holding
their stock when islet cell transplantation really takes off. But it's
my birthday soon. Minimed or Disetronic shares gratefully accepted.
Doesn't matter which...

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