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[IP] age/stress connection

Marilyn wrote:

> Since we are doing a survey......I was diagnosed at the age of 10
> which coincided ded with my parents divorce [snip]  Often wondered 
> if the two were related.I know at one time they were saying that they 
> felt a virus could trigger the disease. 

In the year before I was diagnosed at age 10 3/4, My brother had been born a
month premature with bronchial pnemonia, my parents had separated (but got
back together) and I had moved from Canada, to New Jersey to Colorado.  So I
would say stress definitely had something to do with it... In addition, I had
chicken pox a couple of years prior, I was fed cows milk as a baby, and had
lots of ear infections...all these things are related to the development of
diabetes - some scienficlly proven, others not...but then these are also
normal thing associated with childhood, so who knows.

The virus theory is STILL under study.  I believe they are convinced that
SOMETHING attacks the T-cells, which in turn makes the islets of Langerhans
stop making insulin...and creating diabetes   

then again, maybe we were just lucky...

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