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[IP] a doctor who doesnt suck!!

I know you will all be happy to know that one actually exists!!  And he is now
MINE!!!  His name is Yale Fisher and he is "supposedly" a world class retina
specialist.  He got started on a bad foot cuz I was waiting for him in the
room next to where he was screaming on the phone to someone about some
diabetic who was going blind and how she just wasn't taking care of herself,
then he said "she is just in denial...they all are..."  I was about ready to
hit the road when I heard that, but stuck it out - hell they had already
dilated me...

So he comes in and was VERY nice, talked, listened, then pulled up the slit
lap to take a look.  He started to give me diabetes eye 101 about how years of
high sugar...yada yada yada.  I stopped him and told him I was aawre that the
20 years of being Miss bad diabetic had taken their toll and that was what I
was seeing, but what I wanted was the current assessment, not a review.  I
told him my a1cs had been in the 6-9 range for the last 5 years as opposed to
the 12-16 range pre-pump...I told him I tested my blood 6-9 times a day.  He
was like, gerat - you just saved me a 15 minute speech most people dont listen
to anyway...and he started looking.

He says my left eye, the Ved one, looks great - like they all do - (I love you
Dr. Glatzer in Ft. Lauderdale).  THen in the right  eye he said he sees more
room for laser.  he did ultra sound then explained all the pictures to me.
Evidently my vitreous is pulling away from the retina which is what making it
bleed - kind like how picking at a scab will  make a would re-bleed...anyway,
I am about 40% all the way pulled away.  once it is all pulled away, then no
more bleeding.  Also since it is so much already pulled away, when they do the
vitectomy, it iwll be easier, cuz they wont have to hack it away from the
retina...so this is all good.

He says even simple readiing makes the vitreous pull, so I am certianly not
worried about my workouts, and he basically said not to = no sense in putting
your life on hold.  I AM gonna bleed more...I WILL probably need a vitrectomy
some day, BUT NOT TODAY!!!  yah hoo

He did a 3-d ultrasound of my eye (which he invented) so I could see all the
parts of the vitreous that were pulling away.

He wants to laser me on the nasal side -which is where every other doctor has
been unable to get many hits in, cuz that is where it HURTS, and I still am
not convinced I ever want the anesthesia again - once was enough...and the
complications from that are more scary than the pain of the laser,,

so there ya go.  His name is Yale Fisher - he is cool, he is nice.  In fact,
another retina specialist from another office was with him.  I asked him first
if he was a student, but he said no - he just liked to shadow Dr. Fisher cuz
he liked the way he worked and he liked learning from him.  This inspires
GREAT confidence in me.  He also knows and had good things to say about Dr.
Glatzer, who was the 1st doctor I ever trusted ALMOST implicitly..

I even gave him the badly photocopied memo I had gotten from his office and he
said the problem had already been taken care of...

Both doctors said it was very nice to meet a patient who actually knew what
was going on and was trying to take "such good care of themselves"

ahhhhhhhhhh rip my shoulder out of the socket trying to pat myself onthe back!

Sara, who is off to the gym now - still $87.50 each cuz I stayed on lineWAY
too long last night
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