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Re: [IP] I need your letters please!!!!

email @ redacted wrote:

> I have had IDDM for 18 years ,and I have been using a minimed 507C for about
> two months now.  I'm hoping to get some responses via e-mail so that I can
> print them and take them along to show my endo and his team. My e-mail
> address: email @ redacted  Thanks for all of your help, I look forward to
> getting some useful advice!
> I have a problem with redness and itching around my infusion site.  Is this
> common? I change every other day, sometimes sooner (another source of
> frustration!)

I found this to be a very prevalent problem with humalog (and regular), a
ocassional problem with velosulin and a little more often ocassional problem with
a mix of h and v.  Years ago, when I started pumping on the old beef/pork insulins
this was common on all of them (but there were far more problems with beef than
with pork).  I'm not sure, but it seems to be a sort of tolerance problem.

> I have also noticed burning and itching when I bolus more than 8 units at a
> time, has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Yes, again I get the least of this with straight velosulin.  I don't often take
boluses that big and when I do, I often break them into 4 unit boluses.  Some
sites are  easier on this problem -- probably a result of how close I am to nerve
endings and how much fat I have in the area I am using.

> I use only humalog, and have heard some of you mentioning that you use both
> vesolin and humalog, or humalog and humulin regular, How do you mix/combine
> the two is there a ratio?  Has it helped with BG and site irritations?  Was it
> hard to figure out the right combination of each?

Yes, Michael suggested this and I have been mixing the 2 since January.  Velosulin
is the more stable insulin and makes life much easier with infusion sites (I can
keep a good velosulin site in for a long time --as much as 13 days without
problems) and causes me less redness, irritation, and fewer infections.  Humalog
works better for the short part of meals, for highs, and seems to provide tighter
basal control.  Velosulin is better for big or high fat meals.  The mix does most
of everything each does on its own.  Site duration and irritation is in between v
and h -- maybe 2-6 days with an average of 4 or5 for sites instead of 12 hours to
3 1/2 days with an average of 2 for me.

I mix at a 4:1 ratio (h:v).   Seems to work better than 5:1 and to provide better
meal coverage than 3:1 (which i've also tried).  HAve heard of and met every combo
from 1:1 (a CDE), 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1.  To be honest, I started at 5:1, then 4,
3 etc and tried each one for 3 days 2x and then picked the one that seemed to work
best. You can graph them to try to see what meets your needs.  I think the choice
is still somewhat arbitrary.  Basically, whatever works.

> I use the soft-set infusion site and have a lot of problems with my cannula
> coming dislodged and kinked.  Has any one else had problems with this?

for years.  The sof serter made the problem virtually go away.  Minimed will send
you one.  Call them.

> I am a nursing student and I find that I often catch my tubing on drawers, bed
> rails,
> and other places with edges.  Has anyone else had aany problems with this?
> I've tried tucking the tubing into my colthing more but I run into problems
> with my cannula coming dislodged.  when I tape the tubing to my abdomen I get
> some irritation, and have trouble with the tape sticking.  Any suggestions?

I've had a pump for 17 years now and this is mostly not a problem but periodically
I go through a period of catching my tubing on everything!  I don't like to use
extra tape.  I often put the pump in a pocket (sometimes adding pockets to
clothes) and cut a hole on the inside of the pocket and thread the tubing in that
way.  Sometimes I bunch it up in my underwear.  With dresses and suits, slimming
underwear or the biking shorts (or calvin Klein underwear Renee told us about) can
hold the tubing agains my skin.  I generally move it away from the cannula so I'm
not sure what effect that would have on the cannula.

Good luck!


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