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Re: [IP] I Need Your Letters ! Please! (2nd request)

On 11 Sep 98 at 3:16, Sue W wrote:
> Would as many of you as possible please send me letters (e-mail) telling
> how your pumps have affected your BG, lifestyle, etc.?  I would
> particularly like letters from people who have gone through surgery with
> their pump and also would like letters from ladies who have worn a pump
> during pregnancy (I am hoping to get pregnant after I get things in
> control -- before it is too late).  

One reason for the lack of response may be that most of us don't 
exactly know what to write.  There's a lot of evidence in the 
archives where people are saying "this thing has helped me a lot" or 
where people are reporting their A1c values, or mentioning that they 
like the freedom from the restrictive schedule.   I guess it is a 
matter of detail - I can say something like this:

	I'm glad I'm on a pump - I have fewer hypoglycemic episodes, my A1c 
	values are better and my schedule is more adaptable and easier to 
	manage than it was on MDI.  

Beyond that it's hard to add much without getting into excruciating 
detail, documenting the hypoglycemic episodes, averages, diet plans 
and management strategies and schedule...  and most of us have shared 
this information several times during our tenure on the list.  

I'm at a loss as to what to say to encurage your doctor to prescribe 
a pump.  If he's known as a pump advocate surely he's heard all the 
positives and negatives several times - maybe you need to summarize 
what you've heard and seen from the list about the pros and cons of 
pump therapy, maybe even quoting some of the stuff from the web site 
about estimating basal rates and handling highs and lows.  You might 
even try to get a copy of the book "Pumping Insulin" too, and quote 
some of the conclusions from the DCCT report about good control 
reducing the risk of complications.  I'm sure that your doctor would 
be impressed if you handed him a couple of pages and told him that 
you've been doing some research and here's a sumary of what you've 
learned.  Then you could point to the conclusion which (hopefully) 
would say something like "based on what I've learned from discussions 
with people with diabetes and other sources, I want to keep my bg in 
good control and I think an insulin pump is the best way to achieve 

I'm just cautious that a bunch of testimonials from pump users might 
be regarded the same way as a bunch of testimonials from the people 
who use one of the "alternative medicine" treatments - as interesting 
anectodes without much real influence.  I would be afraid that I 
might say something in the letter that might cause the doctor to 
begin to have a negative concept of insulin pump users.   

I'm pretty sure that you could handle a pump, and that you would 
benefit from having and using an insulin pump.  The problem is that I 
don't know what kind of arguments might sway your doctor, or even if 
he needs to be persuaded.  He may agree with your request for an 
insulin pump without a question - and he might even be excited that a 
patient has enough initiative to gather information and make an 
informed request...   My doctor told me that many doctors dream of 
having patients that are active partners in taking care of their 
diabetes...   and I think you could summarize, write and present a 
very compelling case for getting an insulin pump and how you 
think it would make things better for you.  

That's how I got my pump - I gathered some information, contacted the 
rep for the pump company, made an appointment with my doctor for the 
purpose of discussing the pump and went in and told him what I wanted 
to achieve, the methods I had investigated, what the good and bad 
points of MDI and pump therapy were, and that my conclusion was that 
I wanted a pump...  as a result I became his first client using an 
insulin pump.   I'm fast approaching my first celebration of 
Assimilation Day on the 26th of this month...

I hope you can get the information summarized, talk to the doctor and 
then e-mailing me that you've gotten started on the pump!  Keep on 
working on it, even if the doctor isn't encouraging at first.  

Randall P. Winchester
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