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Re: [IP] I Need Your Letters ! (2nd request)

Hi Sherri,

I have looked through the archives.

I am not looking to get an insulin pump for a CHILD.  I am trying to get
one for myself -- an ADULT!  At my age, I shouldn't have to prove that I
am mature enough to operate a pump.

I am well aware that my doctor knows a lot about pump usage.  What I am
trying to show him is that I have done my research and homework and that
I am well informed, too.  I am also trying to show that this request
isn't just some "whim" but that it is well thought out.

At this time, I am reaching out with a request to several hundred people
on this list and asking for their help.  I do not expect a response from
each and every one of them!  However, if it bothers you so much,
personally, that I would ask for help here -- then maybe you need to try
out your DELETE key!  Putting my name in a killfile would work too --
then none of my messages could bother you because they wouldn't reach

> Possibly you should read back through the archives where you will find
> testament after testament as to how the pump has drastically improved the
> lives of the people on this insulin pumpers lists.   There are also quite a
> few websites where stories such as this are already posted.
> We have been through a lot trying to secure an insulin pump for our daughter
> and thankfully just last week he began our letter of necessity to submit to
> our insurance company.  I could have submitted all the letters in the world
> that praised the use of the pump but ultimately it boiled down to the fact
> that he had to feel that WE would use the pump in a resonsible manner and he
> also wanted to make sure we knew what we were getting into.  However, we
> always approached him in a mature, calm fashion and he respected our feelings
> and we also understood his concerns.  He has worked through those concerns and
> at this point he is as delighted for us as we are.  Also from what we
> understand, Laura will be one of the youngest insulin pumpers in Oklahoma.
> You said in your letter that he is an endo who "already prescribes many pumps
> for his patients."  If this is the case, he should already know the benefits
> of pumping.

	... Sue  :-)

		We can get information online ...
		but wisdom comes from On High!

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