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Re: Re: [IP] mmol/l

John Neale has told me that, now that he is a resident of Germany, he has
had to switch from the mmole/l that he was using to mg/dl, which is what
they use in Germany.  So, the mmole/l is not yet an international standard.
Now if only the Germans would tell us their temperatures in Fahrenheit :-)

<<<<<<<<<From: email @ redacted (Janine Shea)
Jay said:
>I don't know how the US got onto mg/dl whereas everyone else
>got onto mmol/l?
Canada used to use mg/dl - I was taught that way when I got my first meter
in 1982.  I still do use mg/dl since I was studiously avoiding doctors
whenever we changed over (I think it was when we went metric?) and was
rather surprised that there was a whole new system that had been in place
for something like 5 years.>>>>>>>>>>>>

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