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Re: [IP] Thank you!

Dear fellow IPers,  

I know I don't say this nearly often enough but THANK YOU so much for taking
the time to answer questions or comment on posts I have made in the past.   It
really is nice to know there is such a caring and compassionate support group
out there!

Also as I mentioned in my earlier post it has taken longer than I would have
hoped for to secure this pump for Laura but we are hoping and praying now that
our pedi endo is behind us 100% that we may have paved the way for more
children to become pumpers.  From what I have heard there are very few insulin
pumps being used in children in Oklahoma.  

Thanks again for your support!

Sherri     (mother of a "soon to be" pumper"  -  YEA!!!!!)

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/