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Re: [IP] I Need Your Letters ! (2nd request)


Possibly you should read back through the archives where you will find
testament after testament as to how the pump has drastically improved the
lives of the people on this insulin pumpers lists.   There are also quite a
few websites where stories such as this are already posted.  

We have been through a lot trying to secure an insulin pump for our daughter
and thankfully just last week he began our letter of necessity to submit to
our insurance company.  I could have submitted all the letters in the world
that praised the use of the pump but ultimately it boiled down to the fact
that he had to feel that WE would use the pump in a resonsible manner and he
also wanted to make sure we knew what we were getting into.  However, we
always approached him in a mature, calm fashion and he respected our feelings
and we also understood his concerns.  He has worked through those concerns and
at this point he is as delighted for us as we are.  Also from what we
understand, Laura will be one of the youngest insulin pumpers in Oklahoma.   

You said in your letter that he is an endo who "already prescribes many pumps
for his patients."  If this is the case, he should already know the benefits
of pumping.  

Good luck!     Sherri  

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