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Re: [IP] I need your letters please!!!!

email @ redacted wrote:
> I have a problem with redness and itching around my infusion site.  Is this
> common? 

I suppose this is in the area covered by the tape? Best thing to do is find a 
tape that doesn't irritate YOU. There are several kinds of tape available, 
which I'm sure someone will give you brand names for. Myself I use a different
kind of infusion set, which requires NO added tape and the pad attached to it
doesn't bother me.

> I have also noticed burning and itching when I bolus more than 8 units at a
> time, has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Larger doses can irritate, and they may be lss efficient than a smaller dose.
You may want to do a higher level Temp Basal in addition to a smaller bolus 
(be sure you add them up right) when you need a larger dose.

> I use only humalog, and have heard some of you mentioning that you use both
> vesolin and humalog, or humalog and humulin regular, How do you mix/combine
> the two is there a ratio?  

I mix Humalog and R in another vial left over from before. Some get clean new
vials from the drug store for this. I use a 5 Humalog to 1 R ratio, which works 
for ME, others vary. I've seen rations from 5 to 1 down to 3 to 1 in use by most
here, somebody also uses 1 to 1, but that's based on other things besides
the Humalog from going bad after 2.5 days.

Has it helped with BG and site irritations?  

Depends on whose messages you read. Myself, no, but many others here say site 
degradation leading to site failure is the reason they do it. Myself, I find
the Humalog loses strength rapidly after about 2.5 days, which I proved by
replacing the insulin, others find that ineffective, so they replaced both the
insulin and canula. Mixtures seem to solve BOTH problems, so the basic reason
isn't important.

Was it
> hard to figure out the right combination of each?

Try it and see what works best for you. As with much else here YMMV (Your
Mileage May Vary).

> I use the soft-set infusion site and have a lot of problems with my cannula
> coming dislodged and kinked.  Has any one else had problems with this? 

I did till I found better infusion sets! I've been on a pump for 4.7 years, and
for 4 years I've been using Pureline Comfort infusion sets, which are the same
as MiniMed Silhouettes or Disetronics Tenders. They're made in Denmark and sold
OEM to the different companies.

Anyway, these sets work on a different basic design. The canula is attached to
a flat split disk, and goes in at a slant from the side, which gets away from 
problems caused by the base being pushed in and/or flexed out with movement.
That causes the SofSet's canula to ride in and out of the hole which tends to
fold it, besides which the  narrow base can't stay in place if pushed from the 
side. The Comfort sets are solidly based on a disk that's about 3/4" in diameter
with a much larger tape under it holding it directly to the skin. No overtaping 
needed, besides which the disconnect is in the disk, which splits apart in the 
middle. A LOT better design, IMHO. Seems MiniMed agrees, since they now sell 
them as Silhouettes. You can see them on MiniMed's webpage at:

Actually, they are more like the IV Teflon sets now in use.

 I am a
> nursing student and I find that I often catch my tubing on drawers, bed rails,
> and other places with edges.  Has anyone else had aany problems with this?

We ALL have this problem occasionally. I just keep mine tucked in all the time,
though when wearing shorts in the summertime, therefore no pants leg to hide it
in, I wrap the 43" hose around my waist, which fits MY shape, not necessarily 
anybody else's!

> I've tried tucking the tubing into my colthing more but I run into problems
> with my cannula coming dislodged.  when I tape the tubing to my abdomen I get
> some irritation, and have trouble with the tape sticking.  Any suggestions?

Another point is that small hairs found where we attach infusion sets DO NOT
help adhesion, so I keep it shaved. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42 years, MM506 for 4.8 years
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/