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[IP] I Need Your Letters ! Please! (2nd request)


I am seeing my new endo for the second time on September 14.  I first
saw him on August 5.  Because of the weird BG patterns I have been
having lately, he is having me do some other lab tests before I go in to
see him again.  This is why there is a little delay.

He is an endo who prescribes pumps for many of his patients and I am
hoping that he will prescribe one for me.

Would as many of you as possible please send me letters (e-mail) telling
how your pumps have affected your BG, lifestyle, etc.?  I would
particularly like letters from people who have gone through surgery with
their pump and also would like letters from ladies who have worn a pump
during pregnancy (I am hoping to get pregnant after I get things in
control -- before it is too late).  

My e-mail address is <mailto:email @ redacted>.  I would like to be
able to print out these letters and take them with me to my appointment
and show him.  

Thanks in advance!

	... Sue  :-)

		We can get information online ...
		but wisdom comes from On High!

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