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Re: [IP] I need your letters please!!!!

Hi Michelle,

I would be happy to write you a huge letter if I had the experience.  I
am still trying to convince the doctor to prescribe the pump for me.

I asked over a week ago for similar letters to take to my doctor next
Monday (9/14) but have only received 3 replies!

Good luck.

> I have had IDDM for 18 years ,and I have been using a minimed 507C for about
> two months now.  I'm hoping to get some responses via e-mail so that I can
> print them and take them along to show my endo and his team. My e-mail
> address: email @ redacted  Thanks for all of your help, I look forward to
> getting some useful advice!

	... Sue  :-)

		We can get information online ...
		but wisdom comes from On High!

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