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Re: [IP] Age connection?

At 09:54 PM 09/10/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>Just a little beef I thought I'd share.  I just had a baby and when I was
>going to the Dr. or to the hospital everyone people where continously 
>are always diabetic or just part of the time. To one lady I finally 
>"just on weekends thanks". (this was after 6 or 7 other nurses asked the 

LOL!! I can see the signs now: "Help wanted... part-time diabetics only".
Hey wouldn't it be nice... hmmm... this week I'll be diabetic and next week
I'll take off. Or, my MedicAlert bracelet could say "Insulin Dependent
Diabetic on MWF". 

Seriously, though... I can't believe that a nurse would be so ignorant as
to even ask that type of question. When I've been in the hospital for
surgery (twice) the nursing staff I encountered knew better than that.
(Maybe I was just lucky).

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