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Re: [IP] mmol/l

Jay said:
>I don't know how the US got onto mg/dl whereas everyone else
>got onto mmol/l?

Canada used to use mg/dl - I was taught that way when I got my first meter
in 1982.  I still do use mg/dl since I was studiously avoiding doctors
whenever we changed over (I think it was when we went metric?) and was
rather surprised that there was a whole new system that had been in place
for something like 5 years.

I am semi-"bilingual", but have to produce another set of results for
endo's.  I personally find mg/dl to be much more precise and easier to use,
having tried to convert last spring and fouling up boluses repeatedly, but
that is probably due to having used mg for so many years - and trying to do
math in my head! (18x7.3=.....)


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