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Re: [IP] pregnancy

I just had a beautiful little girl.  It was kinda scary at first cuz it wasn't
planned for me.  So when I got pregnant my HgbA1c was 12.5(i wasn't paying
very good attention).  But I found out within the first month and I cracked
down on my self.  I got it down to and 8 in the first 4 months and to 6.5 a
month before I had her.  My pregnancy went beautifully except now I going
through doctor withdrawl=)  The Induced me a week before my due date (her
lungs weren't mature before that).  She came out hard she got her shoulder
stuck on my pelvic bone... so I pushed for two and  a half hours...fun, fun.
She spent five days in the NICU on an iv and and to watch her shoulders.  She
was my 9lb 10 oz bundle on joy.
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