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RE: [IP] Disetronic

At 07:23 PM 09/10/1998  Heather & Diane wrote:
>Thanks Sam. I like reading your humorous and responses and posts.

You're welcome... I'm a firm believer that there are two sides to every
issue. Although I love my little MM507 (Minnie), I'm sure I would have
loved my Disetronic pump, if I had gotten one. I really looked carefully at
both, but a major factor was a great MiniMed rep and a virtually
non-existent Disetronic rep in my area. Under different circumstances with
a stronger Disetronic rep, I might have chosen quite differently. 

The bottom line is, that we all drive different cars, wear different
clothes, go to different churches, use different computers and work at
different jobs. So, why can't we have different pumps? "Viva la difference"
as they say in France. (They also say a lot of other things in France, but
I don't understand what they mean). <vbg>

Now talking about being really different, I just looked in the mirror...
oh, well... never mind...  :-)

(signed) old weird Sam and his pal Minnie

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