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Re: [IP] vac ulance (sp?)

Barb Schiller wrote:
> Diane,
> I will definitely let everyone know about the Vacu-lance when I get it.  I
> am guessing that I should have it tomorrow.  I hope it is not too big.  We
> shall see :)..
> BarbS

Just remember...the Vaculance is NOT designed for use on the fingers. 
The spots it allows you to use include your palm (at the base of the
thumb and the fleshy part below the pinky finger), the forearm, and the
outsides of the thighs.

The size of the lancing device is a bit bigger because of the tube
required to create the vacuum which is responsible for drawing out the

It really doesn't hurt any more than a typical finger stick.  Just be
sure to use the Microlet lancets that come with it.  If you put in the
older, longer lancets, you will stick yourself far too deeply and cause
yourself unnecessary pain.

Good luck, Barb...let us know how it goes!

Mike Maturen
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/