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Re: [IP] Herbal Medicines

Timothy Tobais wrote:
> Leslie,
> Now for the Ginko subject (and I too desire comments): I was on it for 3
> weeks, but had to go off it. It had 0 affect of BG levels-no problem.
> However, the circulation is another story. After about 6 of this mind
> blowing headrushes which felt like rapid blood flow from the back of my
> neck all the way up to my head and temples, followed by an excruciating;
> gotta lay down and recover headache which lasted about a day, I had to
> discontinue.

The headaches were most likely caused by the increase in blood flow to
the brain (one of the effects of Ginkgo Biloba).  Instead of
discontinuing, you might have been able to back off on the dosage a
bit...or, you might be very sensitive to its effects and need to
discontinue...everyone is different.

 As well, anytime I was adrenal (like before getting in
> front of a crowd-when emotions are high and blood preasure raised-I
> would get the rushes rather lightly). For me it was not a good
> experience. I did notice improved recall, but, I'd rather be dumb than
> dead.

Ginkgo Biloba has never claimed to improve INTELLIGENCE, but rather
increase blood circulation to the brain, which-in theory--could help
improve memory.  It is currently being reseasrched as a possible
treatment for Alzheimers.

> plus the fact that the side of the bottle claims that it "increases
> periphreal circulation" causes me great alarm. 

Why would THIS cause you alarm?!?!?!?!?!?  An increase in peripheral
circulation is a GOOD thing!  I can see possibly worrying about this if
you have bleeding in your eyes, but that is the ONLY reason I can think
of that this might be bad.

Mike Maturen

P.S.  Horse Chestnut Seed extract is also said to improve circulation in
the legs.  Also, grape seed extract is said to strengthen the
cappillaries in the eyes, and Bilberry is said to be good for the eyes
as well.
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