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Re: [IP] pregnancy

Dear Patty;

Although I am a little short on time to write everything I wish I just
wanted to let you know that my pump was what allowed me to be healthy
enough to consider getting pregnant, made my pregnancy relatively easy and
blessed me with a healthy baby boy.

I was told months before I was considering having a baby how important good
control was.  My HA1C's were between 6 - 8 during the entire 8 1/2 months. 
I was told that if my numbers went above 10 this would increase the chances
of congenital deformities in the baby by 33%.  Definitely worth testing 6
times a day for.

I luckily experienced no morning sickness, in fact, felt better than most
other times in my life.  I didn't gain any weight during the first five
months, my doctor was even considering a weight gaining diet. (YIKES).  I
kept a very detailed log of my diet, weight, testing and insulin.  My
insulin needs rose steadily and near the end of my third trimester I was
taking three times my normal amount of insulin - almost 150 units a day.  

Due to my large size near the end I was finally induced - two weeks early. 
I truly believe that if this had not been done I would not be walking
today.  My son was born 15 days before my due date, after 24 hous of
labour, by C-section.  He was black haired, had hair on his ears and
shoulders, had rolls of fat everywhere and was bright red.  Not very cute
at all.  I am sort of proud to say he weighed in at 12 pounds one ounce and
was the third larges baby born in Ontario at his slightly premature age.  I
remember the doctor saying, as they yanked him out of my belly - "Oh my
God, look at the shoulders!"  The full head of black hair was a shock
because my husband is fair skinned fair haired and I have blond hair and
pale skin.  Imagine how I must have felt, going into the neo-natal unit for
the first time to see my new baby.  There he was, this gigantic puffy
thing, surrounded by one and two pound babies.

The hospital I gave birth in was very progressive in their treatment of
moms with diabetes, they allowed me to do everything - I just had to report
to them on insulin given and my test results.

I would love to help you with any questions you may have - unfortunately I
must go.  

I credit my ability to have a baby, and a healthy one, and the last four
years of staying healthy enough to keep up with my son almost entirely to
my son.  Once you have kids - or a husband or wife it really is your
responsibility to remain healthy for their sakes.

Good Luck


> From: Nancy Ludwig <email @ redacted>
> To: Insulin Pumpers <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] pregnancy
> Date: Tuesday, September 08, 1998 2:48 PM
> Dear Patty,
> Congratulations on your green light!
> I am 26 yrs old, have had DM for 12 years, and have been on the pump for
10 months.  My Ha1c last year at this time was 8.8 now it is 6.1   AND I
have a baby girl due on December 11!!!!
> We also have a four year old daughter.  I had trouble getting my sugars
under control after she was born.  So I went on the pump.  I wish I would
have 12 years ago.  :-)
> Our first pregnacy was rough, three solid months of nausia and vomitting,
six weeks of preterm labor at the end and then they c-sectioned me  three
weeks before the due date.   Amanda was 11 and a half pounds.
> I would suggest these things,  get a good  endocrinologist....and a good 
HIGH risk OBGYN.  I am not sure if you have these or not, but I did not the
first time.  I thought they were good doctors, which I am sure they are,
but not for a Diabetic mom.  There were so many things that went wrong, and
that could have because of their neglegence, that it was the Good Lord
above that kept Amanda healthy.
> So far so good, with our second pregnancy,  I had the three months of
nausia and vomiting, but the pump really helped!  I could puke and my
sugars remained good. Or I could eat whenever I wanted to, when I felt up
to it.  And the pump let me do that.  When was the last time you heard of a
DM person on shots who could eat whenever they wanted to?   Like I said
before, I wish I had been on this pump sooner.
> I have started my early contractions again, but this time my new OBGYN
did not put me on Brethin, (sp?)  He said that it would make my sugars
harder to control.  And since these contractions aren't "doing" anything,
but causing some discomfort, he is seeing me every other week to make sure
Natalie is fine.   The first doctors put me on the brethine, gave me
hormone shots I did not need every week for the first three months that I
did not need, never measured my belly or checked to see how big Amanda was
going to be.
> I'll tell you what, when you carry an 11 and a half pound baby, alot of
people thought I was carrying twins!!  :-)    We were all shocked.  She
could not wear the newborn diapers we had bought for her and we could not
button the top button on her jamies to get her home in.   She was a little
chunky.  :-)
> I hope this has helped,  bottom line, find GREAT doctors.   The pump is
great, you should be fine.   As you know every pregnancy is different, but
the pump has made my little run ins go a little smoother.
> Feel free to ask me any questions on my VERY long response.  (sorry) :-)
> Best Wishes,
> Nancy
> email @ redacted
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> > My name is Patty. I have been a Diabetic for 31 yrs.( I am 35yrs. old) 
I have a
> > very healthy 4yr. old son. My Hgb.A1c is now 7.3 and we are planning to
> > another.  My Doctor has given us the green light but I am a little
> > Any Diabetic moms with similar situations and or words of advice or
> > encouragement?
> > Thanks
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