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[IP] poppers

Jenny wrote:

> I was under the impression that the ginkoba doesn't thin the blood, it
> expands the blood vessels in the brain. (More oxygen to the brain,
> increased thought and productivity.) 

is this what "poppers" does?  i think the real name is amyl nitrate - I have
had a couple of "hits" of that back in my disco boogie oogie woogie days....A
big head rush - a warm feeling and then a thumpa thumpa thumpa in the heart.
I can only assume this would be REAL bad for those eyes.

Jsut asking cuz there seems to be more and more college kids on this list (you
too MaryJean and Janine), and poppers USED to be pretty popular at my school.

Sara - who is now drug free, but wonders, are poppers REALLY drugs anyway - I
mean not like pot or cocaine or anything, but even though I am now clean and
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