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[IP] discombobulation


yes this happens to me...discombobulation and all...being woken out of DEEP
sleep like that can leave you feeling drugged woozy, out of it, especially if
your first action lands you in the laundry basket.   It would be my
uneducated, personal, not for re-sale opinion, that perhaps the pain you were
experiencing was causing your sugar to rise as you were going to sleep...sub-
consciously you could feel this, so maybe that prevented you from sleeping.  

I know if I wake in the early hours (which is almost every night now...I am
condistioned to waking up at 4am...maybe I should have a baby...nahhhhh). and
I test high, I almost never am able to fall right back to sleep - I usually
lay there trying to sleep, KNOWing I have covered for the high, but until I
test again 15-20 minutes later and SEE that I am going down, will my body
allow me to go back to sleep.

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