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[IP] Ginkoba & Chromium

Tim wrote:

> Anyway, I also read an article that one should not take asprin and the 
> Ginko. This makes sense in that Ginko must somehow thin the blood, 
> which for you and me aint good. (that is about what the article said). 
> This, plus the fact that the side of the bottle claims that it "increases
> periphreal circulation" causes me great alarm. 

ME TOO  - can y'all imagine my eyes if I took this stuff?  Although, most
studies NOW show that aspirin does NOT contribute to or increase the cahnce of
your eyes bleeding due to retinopathy.  Even the witch doctor concurs on this
one.  Which is nice cuz nothing cures these tension headaches caused be
reading too many unsnipped posts (HINT HINT) like a good old fashioned
aspirin, but to tell ya the truth, I am so brain washed to NOT TAKE ASPIRIN _
BAD BAD BAD, that I probably won't...

Also, re: chromium - As I understand it and from what i have read, this will
ONLY be an asset to you IF your body has a DEFICIENCY...It assists the human
body in the metabolism of insulin...not everyone has problems metabolizing
insulin - hell, we cant even MAKE it, so maybe we might have problems
metabolizing it - There are NOT any scientific studies PROVING its
effectiveness in us defectives, BUT, can't hurt to try it though.  I take a
250 mcg tablet in the am and one at night.  It also comes in 100 and 500 mcg
sizes...can't hurt, and you can usually find it on sale somewhere...

Sara (who should be at the gym insteada talkin' to youse guys!!!  get off the
damn 'pooter!!)
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