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Re: [IP] question #436

On 10 Sep 98 at 13:12, Laurie Brack and Jeff Montgom wrote:

> My test last nite at 11p.m. was 108, and I laid in bed for 2.5 hrs trying to
> sleep with the pain in my shoulder keeping me awake.  I have a talking alarm
> clock, that states the hours, every hour.  Thats the only reason I know that
> it was close to 2 before I didn't hear the little guy saying "3 o'clock
> a.m."  Sometimes I hate that clock!<g>

How about stress, pain, lack of sleep all adding up to raising your 
bg level?  I know that on those nights when I have to get up three or 
four times with the boys, I'd better increase my basal rate for a 
while sometime around the second time I get up or my bg will be 
elevated in the morning...     Lots of things here in your 
description that could elevate your bg.  The "drugged" feeling may 
have been because the phone caught you in an early stage of sleep.  
Sometimes it's harder to wake up just after you've fallen asleep than 
when you've been asleep for a while...

Hope things are going better this afternoon!

Randall P. Winchester
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