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[IP] question #436

This a.m. the phone awoke me, I don't have a phone by the bed, so I jumped
up, fell into my empty clothes basket.  I felt really discombobulated (sp)
even drunk.  Needlless to say, I didn't reach the phone in time, and by the
time I pulled out of the empty clothes basket,  I had just ripped out my
catheter. :o{  I thought, wow I must be low.  I staggered to the tester, and
I tested at 260!  I am not sure what happened here.  This has not happened
before to me.  I have been low, or high at different times, but this was
like totally drugged out of my gourd.  I haven't been on any different meds,
and I didn't even have an aspirin the night before.  I
I have been having problems with my shoulder, a torn rotator cuff has been
thrown out for explanation, but so far all the doc has prescribed is
ibuprofen 3x a day.  I was doing this until my stomach started giving me
fits, so I quit last weekend.
My test last nite at 11p.m. was 108, and I laid in bed for 2.5 hrs trying to
sleep with the pain in my shoulder keeping me awake.  I have a talking alarm
clock, that states the hours, every hour.  Thats the only reason I know that
it was close to 2 before I didn't hear the little guy saying "3 o'clock
a.m."  Sometimes I hate that clock!<g>
any ideas? Laurie B.

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