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Re: [IP] Re:Friendly words

At 03:29 AM 09/10/1998  Timothy Tobais wrote:
>No attack intended,
>I myself have found it to be a solid personal victory over fear to prick
>myself 8-9 times a day. My fingers sometimes hurt. I am generally light
>hearted and love all people, including diabetics that feel the need to
>test this often. My thing is, when do you find time to watch tv?

Some of us can test & watch TV at the same time...  :-)

P.S. When you are writing things in a humorous manner, it is helpful to let
people know, by using smiley faces like:  :-) or adding <g> (grin) or <vbg>
(Very Big Grin) or LOL (Laughing out Loud). Written words are very
strange... sometimes what you think was meant as a funny remark can be
misinterpreted, so these little signs help make sure that no one misses the
humor. In oral communication people can see your smile... in the written
word they cannot, unless you add it in.

My basic rule is: "If it is even remotely possible that a comment CAN be
misinterpreted, it is almost guaranteed that someone WILL misinterpret it"

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