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Re: [IP] Re:Friendly words

    You are a sweetheart!!! Not only do you have a great sense of humor, but
you have a terrific knack for putting things into perspective. I unofficially
appoint you the "voice of reason" for this group!!...My own personal theory
for recent "skirmishes" on-line is the "September curse": everyone's feeling
hassled & harried with school, work, meetings, etc. picking up steam after the
"lazy, hazy, crazy" days of summer.  The breast cancer board also went through
a volatile seige about a week ago which has now settled down.....So let's all
take a deep breath and remember to be grateful for the existence of resources
such as this IP group to ameliorate living with diabetes.....Besides, if they
really do release that Starr report on the Internet tomorrow, we'll all be
lucky if we can even access our mail!!! LOL

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom/coach)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/