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Re: [IP] Anyone else had this problem...


>On the morning that I change the site, bolus, and eat I have found that my
>blood sugars have gone WAY up - almost as if I hadn't taken a bolus. I know
>that I have bolused - my first thought was that I had forgetten. If I take
>a SECOND bolus it drops my sugars back into a normal range. It doesn't
>always happen - I've seen it 4 or 5 times in the 7 weeks I've been on the
>pump. It's seems like I'm having to "jump start" the site.

Some things to consider:

1)  Total amount of time you're disconnected while you change sites /
reservoirs, etc. You may need a small bolus to make up for any basal
insulin missed during this period (prior to disconnecting, if using
Velosulin, or after reconnecting, if using Humalog). This worked wonders
for me when I started pumping. Once I recognized the pattern and
compensated for the missed insulin, things levelled out quite well. This
became less of an issue as I got more experienced with site and set changes
- I was disconnected for less time.

2)  If using Tenders or Silhouettes, I bolus 1.0 unit to "pre fill" the
empty space in the cannula, as Katie said. This works just fine for me.

3)  Try changing your sets at a different time of day, to see what pattern
develops. For me, a small amount of "missed insulin" in the early morning,
when my dawn effect is strongest, meant significant rises in my BG.

4)  Leaving the old set in for several hours after inserting the new set
makes no difference for me. I've seen some reports that this is "the fix",
but as with most things pumping, YMMV.

>From the sound of your message, though, it sounds as if your BGs are rising
*very* high after the changes. Do you have any more specifics, so we can
drill down a bit?

Bob Burnett

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