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Re: [IP] How long........

> Hi I'd like to know from you pumpers out there......how long you
> leave your sets in?? I was told 3 days but the other day I left it
> in for 4 days, making sure first that my site wasn't sore or itchy,
> and I had enough insulin. It worked fine. Also I get a bit sore
> about 5cm away from the site. Is this a normal thing??

This is a YMMV type of answer. There are list members who can get up 
to a week on a Humalog set. Others can only get 2 days. Reports for 
regular and Velosulin users easily double these numbers. Most 
messages warn of infection hazard beyond a few days. My daughter 
changes twice a week, every 3rd/4th day. She mixes insulin H/V 5/1. 
3 to 4 days is pretty typical of the list membership. 

Intrestingly, this is one of the questions on the data gathering form 
that will be released to the general membership in the next week or 

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