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Re: [IP] Herbal Medicines


I have not tried the wort, but, my boss swears by it (then again, she
swears alot anyway). Anyway, as soon as next pay rolls around I will
give it a try.

Now for the Ginko subject (and I too desire comments): I was on it for 3
weeks, but had to go off it. It had 0 affect of BG levels-no problem.
However, the circulation is another story. After about 6 of this mind
blowing headrushes which felt like rapid blood flow from the back of my
neck all the way up to my head and temples, followed by an excruciating;
gotta lay down and recover headache which lasted about a day, I had to
discontinue. As well, anytime I was adrenal (like before getting in
front of a crowd-when emotions are high and blood preasure raised-I
would get the rushes rather lightly). For me it was not a good
experience. I did notice improved recall, but, I'd rather be dumb than

Anyway, I also read an article that one should not take asprin and the 
Ginko. This makes sense in that Ginko must somehow thin the blood, which
for you and me aint good. (that is about what the article said). This,
plus the fact that the side of the bottle claims that it "increases
periphreal circulation" causes me great alarm. All the facts arent in
for me, so I would like to hear any additional info from the group as

Tim T.
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