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[IP] Anyone else had this problem...

Hi All,

Wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem. I've been pumping
almost 2 months witha MM507. On several occassions I've had problems on the
mornings that I change my infusion set/site. I generally go with 2 days per
site, a couple of times 3 days.

On the morning that I change the site, bolus, and eat I have found that my
blood sugars have gone WAY up - almost as if I hadn't taken a bolus. I know
that I have bolused - my first thought was that I had forgetten. If I take
a SECOND bolus it drops my sugars back into a normal range. It doesn't
always happen - I've seen it 4 or 5 times in the 7 weeks I've been on the
pump. It's seems like I'm having to "jump start" the site.

I was talking with the nurse that is in charge of my endo's research
programs and I was the SECOND recent pumper that had complained of the same
thing today. She didn't have any ideas.

Anyone else out there experienced the same problem and have any idea what
might be causing it?

Baffled and Confused,
Dave Zakary

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