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Re: [IP] Re:Friendly words

On  9 Sep 98 at 23:41, email @ redacted wrote:

> I have been testing 18 to 20 times daily for the last couple of weeks because
> my blood sugars change so dramatically. Just a small amount of stress can
> cause a rapid change and I want to stay on top of my blood sugars. Hopefully,
> this amount of testing will give me a greater understanding of what is going
> on with my own personal body. Lousy as it is. We all have to deal with our own
> disease the way we feel the most comfortable. 

That's the key - developing a strategy that lets us continue to 
function.  I've had those days where I tested every 30 to 45 minutes 
because things were going wild or I was needing more information...  
I've also had those days when everything went perfect and no matter 
what I did my bg hovered around 115...  Keep on working on developing 
strategies to deal with the changes, keep records so you can spot 
patterns, and above all, don't give up the goal of staying on top of 
the bg values.   Don't get bent out of shape when things don't go 
according to plan, and try to celebrate when things go well...

> I thought this site would be a little more caring than some of the things I've
> been reading in the last couple of days. No one has a perfect solution for all
> of our problems. They are too diverse. If there were a solution, there
> wouldn't be a need for this site. 

I think there's been a massive attack of "bad days"...  or maybe it's 
the full moon?

Always remember that your milage will vary and we're all guilty of 
taking ourselves too seriously...

Randall P. Winchester
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