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Re: [IP] Nutritional Supplements

Tim,  although there may be some benefit to some supplements in some
individuals, most of the time this is just money down the drain.  And, too
often excessive "supplements" can do more damage than good.  So for
diabetics, caution is the best advice.  There's a lot of misinformation out
there that gets repeated.  Your comment regarding zinc is just one example.
Zinc is an essential mineral, but it is definitely NOT put in insulin to
help any deficiency in diabetics.  Diabetics are no more or less deficient
in zinc than normals.  Zinc has been added to insulin for well over 50
years because it helps stabilize it in the bottle and delay absorption
after injection.

<<<<<<<<<<<From: Timothy Tobais <email @ redacted>
Without fail:
800 iu of vitamin E everyday-circulation and energy
Vitamin C with bioflavanoids - infection fighters and scar tissue
Multi vite; Havent found the best, but if I did, I am sure I could not
afford it....just make sure it has the minerals (by the way, I would by
a product called mineral rich, but heck it is very expensive).
Chromiumˇnecessary for insulin absorption.
Folic acidˇheart helper.
Vitamin a, beta caroteenˇkeep the eyes healthy
Zinc- essential, most diabetics are deficient (that is why they put in
the insulin these days).>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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