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Re: [IP] Re:Friendly words

<< I have been testing 18 to 20 times daily for the last couple of weeks
 my blood sugars change so dramatically. Just a small amount of stress can
 cause a rapid change and I want to stay on top of my blood sugars. Hopefully,
 this amount of testing will give me a greater understanding of what is going
 on with my own personal body. Lousy as it is. We all have to deal with our
 disease the way we feel the most comfortable. 


Can't speak for anyone else here but I'm on this list to have a place to go
with these kind of things.  My doc can be of help, sure, but I need the
reality check of folks who have been there.  

I just got my Rx for test strips renewed today and the pharmacist was
incredulous at the number I use (200/month approx.)  I really struggle with
what soemtimes feels like a tug of war between controlling my blood sugars and
letting them control me.  It seems odd sometimes that my frequent testing
actually creates more freedom.  I sure didn't understand or experience that as
a kid.  

I've easily done 15+ tests daily when surfing through rough or just unfamiliar
waters. Don't even need to poke a new hole each time cause they don't get time
to close! Just wanted to offer my support in the face of what may not have
sounded helpful from other sources on the list.

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