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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pumps

At 06:34 PM 09/09/1998  Sue W wrote:
>Hi John,
>How can you be so patient?  If I had my pump in my hands for as long as
>you have, I would have read and re-read the owners manual, and re-read
>pertinent parts of "Pumping Insulin" and MiniMed's "Insulin Pump
>Therapy."  I would probably then hook myself up and start experimenting
>based on information from those sources and this list.  I know that
>do-it-yourself isn't the best way to go with pumping, but I just
>wouldn't be able to wait very long to play with my brand-new toy!

It isn't easy. I got my pump about 3-4 weeks before I was hooked up. But,
it seemed important enough to wait until I went through the "official"
process. Yes it is fun to have something new... but a pump is not a toy.
Not that I probably couldn't have done it on my own... but, by going
through the CDE and endo, I obtained some local partners in the process.
The scariest part is the changeover between MDI and the pump... if you
aren't reasonably on target with your initial basals and boluses and if you
aren't constantly monitoring yourself, you can quickly end up in the ER.

My CDE called me daily for a week or two and I faxed her my BG results.
(She still calls once in awhile). When I had questions, she was there. I
don't think it is fair to expect your CDE and doctor to drop everything to
bail you out, if you have problems after starting on your own (although
they probably will anyway). 

Just my 2cents worth...


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