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Re: [IP] (no subject)


I am going away for two and a half weeks.  I have tried, I think, to change
my address with admin at support@, and have gotten nowhere, mostly because
mail didn't go through.

As I told you earlier, my address is changing, I think.  I have
communicated, a bit last week, with Bob and he couldn't get a message to be
accepted by my new isp.  My new address is supposed to be:

email @ redacted

I have an account there, and this one is supposed to be closed.  It isn't,
and after I return I will try to figure it out.  

Meanwhile, with all the preparations to go away I have not finished the
tape FAQ.  I will try to do so when I return.  If someone else  wants to
give it a shot, they are more than welcome.  I am not bailing, just going
away for some much needed r n r.

I will be in touch, from some server or another, after I return.



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