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Re: [IP] Which Pump?

Good answer.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Come on Guys-who cares which pump someone else
uses. This sounds as if
> it is turning into a cat fight about which pump is
best. Comments like "I
> don't live in the water" and "if they need to send
2 pumps etc" are just
> flaming.  My son wears a
> pump-doesn't matter which one-his CDE and his
doctor sat down with us and
> discussed his lifestyle (he's in college) and what
a pump could and couldn't
> do for
> him. The most important thing is that he is doing
great with his pump-as are
> most
> people on this list. Let's don't make this a war of
Minimed vs Diesetronic.The
> choice
> of pump should be left to the cde, doctor and
patient. Each person has his own
> reasons for which pump to use.  My son was very
sure which pump he wanted
> after
> listening to the presentations-that doesn't mean
anyone else's reasons would
> be the same as my sons. Lets all try to be civil
and work toward our goals-
> better
> blood sugar control until a cure is found
> Jan
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