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[IP] Which Pump?

Come on Guys-who cares which pump someone else uses. This sounds as if
it is turning into a cat fight about which pump is best. Comments like "I
don't live in the water" and "if they need to send 2 pumps etc" are just
flaming.  My son wears a
pump-doesn't matter which one-his CDE and his doctor sat down with us and
discussed his lifestyle (he's in college) and what a pump could and couldn't
do for
him. The most important thing is that he is doing great with his pump-as are
people on this list. Let's don't make this a war of Minimed vs Diesetronic.The
of pump should be left to the cde, doctor and patient. Each person has his own
reasons for which pump to use.  My son was very sure which pump he wanted
listening to the presentations-that doesn't mean anyone else's reasons would
be the same as my sons. Lets all try to be civil and work toward our goals-
blood sugar control until a cure is found

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