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[IP] I am so confused.

I have a MM 507, and am quite happy.  I went through the which one should I
get two years ago.  I have read the reasoning of each person who has what
they have, and they all sound happy.  Thats what the outcome should be,
neither is the better per se, but that it does what you as the pumper want,
and can operate it.  The tech help, your lifestyle, etc. all comes into the
pic here.  This is a new way of life as you knew it, and the change will
become easier with time.  Your "assimilation" will start, when you start.
Good luck to those who are just starting.  The rest of us are here to tell
of our own learning, and may be able to help.
I was confused with this statement:
1.  Less chichlet style keys, the MM has four for all functions, the D
has only one.
2.  To stop a D you hold the two main keys until it beeps one long beep,
If there is only one key, how do you press 2? Or is it that there is only
one chicklet type key and the other is like a raisin?   (BG)
struck me funny, and my mind took off with all types of explanations,  hope
it makes someone else smile, this was not meant to offend the D users.
Later Laurie B.

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