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Re: [IP] Hot Sun

> The biggest "water" problem I have
>  encountered is what to do with pump in the hot sun for hours or a whole day
> at a place like the beach 
Here's a suggestion that works for me when I go to the beach or am sunbathing
by the pool. When sunbathing, I put the pump in a frozen koozie (drink cooler)
and just set that next to me, very unnoticeable. At the beach walking or at
the pool swimming, I put my pump in a fanny pack along with a cooling devise
(blue ice pack, my old frozen container I used to carry insulin). I don't swim
hard enough to suspend my pump. I used the fanny pack without ice at a Texas
water park. As long as I kept the fanny pack wet I felt like the insulin was
cool enough. I didn't have any problems. - Katie
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