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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pumps - Tim

Tim T,
One reason you don't hear about all the safety features in the debate of
Minimed vs Disetronic is that both systems have comparable features. It is the
day-to-day obvious differences that are most often discussed. The Waterproof
feature of D and the Square Wave Bolus of M are both highly towted and

The back-up pump of the Disetronic is not because it is an inferior product
rather it has to do with Swiss laws on this type of medical product. But if it
makes you uncomfortable then you should not use it. Remember the phrase YMMV.

As far as one product or the other having more mechanical problems, I have
seen no research on it. And the antidotal information on this site seems to me
that the two are comparable. I've heard more about problems with the Minimed
which stands to reason as there are more Minimed users on the list. I've also
heard repeatedly about the wonderful response of Minimed whenever a problem
arises. These are all good points to consider.

The future capability to plug into the computer is another ideal point.

I repeat, "Both companies and pumps are excellent choices. In my opinion,
neither is better than the other except for individual lifestyles and

So, breath deep when you read other people's opinions mine included because
they, like you, write with a great deal of bias. None intended derogatory -
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