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[IP] The clip

Sherri wrote:

> you find the clip to be helpful or do you usually keep the pump in
> a pocket and the issue becomes a moot point.  

9 times out of 10, I use the clip - on jeans (on fat days, on the pocket),
clipped to my undies when in a closer fitting dress or tights when I wear em -
I have had the same experience as Delaine ... not a pretty sight when you are
in black velvet, 3" pumps and boufed hair...but hey, when ya got an itch,...ya
gotta scratch it right?

I have a bust, but rarely keep my pump hooked to the bra cuz I am not
naturally endowed with gravirty defying boobs.  If they stood up where
magazine ads imply they ought to, then the pump would hide just fine...but au
natural, and in my standard issue Victoria Secrets second skins, I look like a
freak of nature.  I reserve hooking it here for when I am around the house or
in something baggy enough it can't be seen.  

the new and improved clip is SOOOO much better than that old plastic one - I
would go through like 5 of those a year.  The newer, beeper style ones are
awesome...but they hide the words Insulin Pump and the phone number and are
kinda tricky to remove, so would an EMT know what the device was?  hmmmm

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