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[IP] Nutritional Supplements

Randy wrote:

> Has anyone had positive experiences with nutritional supplements 
> helping their diabetes?  What supplements are supposed to help with 
> glucose control and diabetes complications?

I take chromium and grape seed extract.  The witch doctor eye specialist I
USED to see in NYC has no positive input whatsoever, but I have heard and read
lots of pro info for the grape seed extract.  Perhaps Yale can add something
to this?  In my case,  I am willing to try anything for my eyes...but
sometimes these supplements are expensive and insurance does not cover them.  

As for the Chromium - I am a strong believer in this supplement.  It assists
your body in utilizing insulin.  I think that is one of the things they use to
market it as the newest "WEIGHT LOSS MAGIC PILL"!!!  

As I understand it, TAKING it does not help UNLESS your body has a deficiency.
I do know that when I do NOT take it, my daily insulin needs are
15-20% higher, consistently, no matter the phase of the moon or the square
root of the Dow Jones industrial...so I guess I am defective in the chromium
department too.  I take a 250 mcg tablet in the morning and one at night.

Sara, whose workouts are now down to $116.66 each...unless you take into
account the cost of my new shoes...
*-)=B xoxx
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