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[IP] which pump???

Hey Stacey:

Lots of people have repsonded pro-Distetronic...I just wanted to add my $4
worth in support of the Minimed.

A)  who needs 2 pumps when you can get a replacement one in under 24 hours
from Minimed?  I dont want to have to store the spare one, or have to wonder
where it is, just IN CASE I might need it.  I have had lots of experience with
syringes and viles [sic] of insulin, so in a pinch, I know I can draw up an
injection or 4 while I wait for my replacement to arrive.  When I travel, I
always bring syringes along...One syringe can last me 3-4 days, so a bag of 10
will do me for a month, and they take up as much room as another pump.  AND
when I travel - I like to go to France...and there is a Minimed in Paris...so
there ya go!

B) backlight backlight backlight...This alone was why I upgraded...that, and
my warranty was up on the 506.  This comes in so handy...I use it to see my
meter readings sometimes...Now I want a meter with a backlight.

C)  Communicating is easy with them - the 24 hour number is on the back, and
even in the middle of the night, I have never had to wait longer than 1/2 an
hour for a call back.  When I have called during the day, I get a technician

D)  The squre wave is of great use to some people...those, unlike me, who
bother to turn it on AND remember you have to hit activate TWICE or you dont
get a bolus...personally I will just take my regular bolus, and put in a temp
basal if I eat pizza or Ben and Jerrys.

E)  Comes in cool colors like BLACK!!!!  or maybe you are like Kayla and dig
blue...but then  I keep mine in the black leather case so it could be purple
with pink polka dots for all I care...

F) I now own Minimed stock - have you seen their figures lately?  whoo boy - I
wanna piece a this rock!!

good luck - either one you pick will be 100% better than injections in my
opinion - so just go get one...or ask for loaners of both - i think both
companies will do it

*-)=B xoxx~~~~~[507]
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/