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Re: [IP] Disetronic Pumps

Hi Timothy,

The reason that Disetronic sends you the back-up pump is because where
it is manufactured (Switzerland) that is the law.  It is simpler for
them to ship all pumps this way instead of packaging some with one pump
and others with two.  They also have a free inspection program after
about 2 years of use on each pump.  You are supposed to switch to the
other pump while the other one is being inspected.

Timothy Tobais wrote:
> And what is this about a back up pump. Dang, if a company gave me a back
> up car; I would be concerned about the quality of the car. As well, I
> hear a lot of "when I had to send my defective pump back...I had my
> backup". Folks, that kind of talk offers me no comfort at all. Only
> thing it assures me of is the number of problems with a disetronic must
> be far greater than with a minimed.

	... Sue  :-)

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